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High School Equivalency Program

The HEP program at WSU provides eligible participants with the following:

  • Housing and Meals
  • GED instruction in English and Spanish
  • Tutorial assistance
  • Small allowance for residential students
  • Books and school supplies
  • Fees for GED testing
  • Post-HEP placement assistance for jobs, vocational training, or college admittance
  • Cultural and academic activities
student looking at mural

The HEP students have the ability to step outside of their comfort zone and place themselves in a new environment to better understand opportunities higher education can offer them.

At the WSU HEP program we have our students focus on each subject at a time rather than teaching the students all four subjects at once. 

The 5 weeks go as follow:

  • 2 weeks for Math
  • 1 week for Science
  • 1 week for Social Science 
  • 1 week for Language Arts