• If I've been accepted, do I need to reapply each year?

    If you have been accepted into our TRIO Student Support Services Program at Washington State University-Pullman Campus, you do not need to reapply each year.

    We encourage our Scholars to take an active role in the program each year - see 'What are the Program Requirements' frequently asked questions to learn more about how to stay active in the program.

  • What are program requirements?

    Once a Scholar is enrolled in the program, a TRIO SSS Academic Coach will work with you to develop your educational plan. Scholars are expected to take an active role in the TRIO SSS Program. In order to be considered for TRIO SSS services (free tutoring, cultural enrichment activities, etc.), you must maintain your active status. To be considered an active scholar in the SSS Program, scholars must:

    Be admitted to the program;

    Submit an updated My Advancement Plan (MAP), Program Participation Agreement, and additional forms each year;

    Meet regularly with your TRIO SSS Academic Coach to develop and maintain My Advancement Plan (MAP);

    Have a current FAFSA on file with Financial Aid;

    Complete a WSU Scholarship Application and file it with Student Financial Services by the annual due date of January 31st;

    Attend at least three (3) college success workshops or attend the Saturday Academy in the Fall and attend the TRIO SSS Leadership Symposium in the Spring;

    Complete a Financial Literacy Assignment each semester;

    Complete a program evaluation at the end of each semester of service.

  • If I'm transferring from another TRIO program, do I have to apply again?

    Yes, if you are transferring from another TRIO Program (Upward Bound, Talent Search, Student Support Services, etc.) we ask that you complete our program's specific TRIO SSS Application.


  • Do you provide textbook loans?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide textbook loans due to federal guidelines.

  • Is this a scholarship program?

    Although we sometimes have the opportunity to offer scholarships to our active participants, scholarships are not part of our yearly programming. 

  • Where is your program located?

    Our TRIO Student Support Services Program is located on the Washington State University Pullman Campus. If you are on the Washington State University Tri-Cities campus, you can check out the Tri-Cities TRIO SSS Program here.

  • Can I apply to the program as a first year student?

    Yes, you can apply to TRIO Student Support Services as a first-year student at WSU. Please refer to our 'Apply to TRIO SSS' page to review eligibility and begin the application process. 

  • Can I apply to the program as a graduate student?

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide services to those who have already earned a bachelor's degree. We do however recommend you visit the Graduate School website for more information on resources available to you!